The Permanent End of the Dakota Access Pipeline

We demand a full and permanent halt of the Dakota Access Pipeline through sacred land and essential waters. It should've never made it this far in the first place. While construction has been temporarily halted, celebrations for a permanent victory were premature. Donald Trump, who has been a shareholder in the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Rick Perry, who is scheduled to be Secretary of Energy, and serves on the board of the parent company of the pipeline, are fully committed to restarting construction. They have said this publicly. An employee from the company sent us secretly recorded audio of company executives confirming that they believe construction will begin immediately after the inauguration. 

This fight is not over. Construction must end - permanently. 

Occupying Force Must Leave

The occupying force of law enforcement officers and private security contractors currently surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock must leave. They have been consistently brutal, offensive, and inhumane. 


On Tuesday, January 31st we are launching a national divestment plan from every single bank, financial institution, and corporation supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline. We are calling on each of those corporations to permanently remove their support from the pipeline. Cut your losses and leave this pipeline behind.